Woman's Baby Could Also Be Her Twin Sister's Child

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If you've ever encountered a pair of identical twins, you know that they have a very unique relationship. From their time in the womb, to just after being born, on up until they are adults, twins tend to do things a little differently than the rest of us. Perhaps that's because the siblings don't just share parents and looks, they actually have nearly identical DNA. In fact, they are so alike that when one has a child, not even DNA testing can determine which twin is the kid's parent.

It's something identical twins Sam and Alex Steffes shared with their followers on TikTok. Sam recently gave birth to a little girl named Giada and posted a video with her baby and her sister. She wrote on the clip, "When you think about how you carried and gave birth to this baby, but you are both genetically considered her mom," and captioned it, "That's mind-blowing to me. Identical twin problems!"

Because of the similarities between the Steffes, if Alex winds up having a child, while technically that kid and Giada would be cousins, genetically they will be more like half-siblings.

The surprising facts wowed a lot of commenters but what stood out more were all the twins who chimed in to back up the claims. One wrote, "Can confirm! Did the 23andMe test and because my mom didn't do the test but her twin sister did, my aunt showed up as my predicted mom," while another said, "My mom and her twin still argue over who is my real mom," and someone else wrote, "I love this bc I feel so close to my aunt (mom's twin) it's like having two moms."

One follower asked if Giada ever gets confused about who mommy is and got an answer from the twins who revealed, "She actually doesn't! She knows who mommy is for sure." You can see more from Sam, Alex and Giada by following the Steffes twins on TikTok.

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