Officer Removed For Ticketing Principal Who Parked In Handicapped Space

A school principal in Ohio was so mad when she received a $100 ticket for illegally parking in a handicapped spot that she asked officials to remove the officer who wrote the ticket from his post at Jefferson K-8 School. Warren City Police Officer Adam Chinchik said that he warned Carrie Boyer numerous times that she cannot park her car in the striped handicapped parking zone because it prevents people with disabilities from being able to get out of their vehicle. 

After she repeatedly ignored his warnings, Chinchik had enough and wrote her a ticket. Boyer was not happy and called the district's superintendent, Steve Chiaro, who sent officials to remove Chinchik from the school. 

The decision, which left the school without a police officer, was blasted by city officials. 

"What example is that for the children? Oh, you get a certain status in life you don't have to follow the rules?" city law director Greg Hicks told Fox8.

Chinchik is not being punished by the police department and they are working with the school district to get him back on the job, though he said he does not want to return to Jefferson School.